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Feeling Good is The Best Look

Feel good, look good? Do you believe this phrase? You've likely heard this multiple times but have you ever truly thought it out?

When myself and my designer were exploring tag lines for The Baggy Company I really wanted something that represented a number of feelings. The feelings I was attempting to touch were; comfort, home, and confidence. While all of these items are quite different they can also be directly related without even realizing it. Additionally, when brainstorming the emotions and feelings my brand brings me and what I wanted others to feel while supporting and wearing it, it was very important for the tag line to represent this. A number of ideas were bounced around such as; "Made for Comfort", "Style at Home", "Styled for Comfort", etc., but none of these hit home like I dreamt of. What I needed to do was take a step back and look at everything as a whole to determine what I wanted to achieve through this brand. FEELING GOOD IS THE BEST LOOK. Read it again. If you don't agree that you look the best when you feel the best, I really challenge you to make a positive change in the way you feel. Because when you feel good, you suddenly give a radiance that can't be shown through an unhappy smile. So here we are. The new and improved tag line of The Baggy Company is, "Feeling Good is The Best Look" & I could not be more pleased with the significance that this tag line holds in representing the brand.

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